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EULA - Demo

Demo License Agreement 

Fonts downloadable under the Demo license may be used for testing purposes and personal, non-commercial use only. Any use in commercial, paid, or consumer-facing projects requires the purchase of an appropriate license by the ultimate end user.

  • When posting experimental work, provide attribution to the typeface in the format “[font name] by John David Maza” wherever the credits appear, or simply tag us on Instagram →

You may not sell, distribute, alter the Fonts in any way, or create derivative works based on the Fonts without John David Maza’s permission. You may not use any of John David Maza’s Fonts in any generally discriminatory, hateful, oppressive, violent, or environmentally-destructive context.

By using the Fonts, you agree to these terms.

For commercial licenses, visit

Salámat! :)

For any questions, please send an email. Save a copy of this license by clicking 'view content' below.

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