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Fonts are software that you must obtain proper licensing for. Read the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) in detail by selecting an option below.

Commercial  💼

We've made licensing simpler with a single all-in Commercial license. This now covers our previous Desktop  🖥️ and Web 🌐 licenses + other commercial uses.

Instead of desktop users or site pageviews, this model uses Licensee Size (how many employees work for the Licensee in total) as a metric, priced based on the value the fonts can bring to your company/client. Use this table to check the License Quantity you should get. The base price is good for 1-2 employees.

Demo 🧪

Under the Demo License are ➊ free-to-try versions that only contain limited characters and features, and ➋ experimental typefaces or works-in-progress. These may be available in order for you to examine and explore the fonts first before purchasing a Commercial license. 

Free 💯

The few select fonts under a Free License may be used for any personal and commercial projects—free of charge! Simply pay-what-you-can to support my work :) 

For larger licenses and other licensing situations, please send an email.  

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EULA - Commercial

EULA - Demo

EULA - Free

EULA - Desktop

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